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Lab Testing

When you need lab testing, whether it’s a blood panel, a urine test, or advanced imaging like venous scans, the Marion Physician Associates, P.A. team understands that you need a quick appointment and prompt results. That’s why they have an on-site lab for your convenience. You can see the doctor and get all your tests done at the same time. Results are also much faster than you’d get with an independent lab, so reach out for your appointment online or by calling one of the two conveniently located offices in Ocala, Florida, today.

Lab Testing Q & A

What are lab tests?

Lab tests check your blood, urine, or small cell sample for infection, illness, disease, and emerging problems. 

When do I need lab tests?

Lab tests are often part of a physical exam, women’s health exam, prep for a stress test, or other care at your primary care provider. There are many reasons for lab tests, including:

Screening for high cholesterol and other dangerous conditions
Diagnosing disease
Monitoring disease

Checking the response to treatment
Lab tests can often find problems long before they'd otherwise be obvious, which is why they're so helpful in diagnostics and treatment planning. 

Do I need to do any special prep for lab testing?

It depends on the specific test. For certain lab tests, you need to prepare by fasting. Usually, this means no food or beverages other than water for up to 12 hours before the test. Certain medications can affect lab test results, so your Marion Physician Associates care provider may recommend temporarily discontinuing some medications.

For many lab tests, you don't need to do anything special ahead of time. Your care provider helps you prepare if needed. 

Where are lab tests performed?

Marion Physician Associates has a laboratory on the premises. This allows your primary care team to analyze your samples faster, which means you get results quicker than you'd get with an off-site lab. 

How do I interpret my lab test results?

Usually, your lab tests show a range instead of a single number, and your care provider can tell you whether you're in a healthy range. Everyone is unique, so your normal range might be different than someone in a different age group or someone with different health circumstances.

Some lab tests simply look for one thing, so in those tests, you generally get either a "positive" or "negative" answer. Your Marion Physician Associates care provider explains your lab results so you can understand what they mean for your health. 

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Lab tests at Marion Physician Associates, P.A. are quick and easy because they’re processed right on-site. Use the online appointment booker or call the office nearest you to get care from the best primary care team in Ocala.

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