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Geriatric Services

As you get older, your health needs change. The medical staff at Marion Physician Associates, P.A. understands the importance of customized health care for older adults and offers comprehensive geriatric services at both their Ocala, Florida, offices. Whether you need a prompt diagnosis of new symptoms or help to manage chronic health conditions like diabetes or arthritis, the medical team tailors your care to optimize your health and ensure a long, happy life. Schedule a consultation today, online or by phone, to learn more about geriatric service available at Marion Physician Associates.

Geriatric Services Q & A

What geriatric services are available?

Caring for the needs of geriatric patients is a specialty of the Marion Physician Associates medical team, which offers consistent, compassionate care and services like:

Routine physicals
Acute illness evaluations
Chronic disease management
Medication management services

The Marion Physician Associates physicians work closely with seniors and their families to ensure the overall health and safety of their older patients. The team takes a personalized approach to assess the health needs of the patient and tailors each treatment to promote long-term health and high quality of life.

The Marion Physician Associates team also provides resources for emergency medical care and hospitalization, as well as long-term care options for those who need assistance with daily tasks or ongoing, supervised medical care.

What services are available for managing chronic disease?

To protect your short-term and long-term health, Marion Physician Associates provides comprehensive services for managing chronic disease.

If you’re undergoing therapy for an existing condition, like diabetes, arthritis, or high blood pressure, your provider reviews your treatment and can make adjustments as needed to keep your disease under control. If new health issues are discovered during your physical, your Marion Physician Associates provider customizes a treatment plan and carefully monitors its effectiveness through routine checkups.

As part of their chronic disease management services, the Marion Physician Associates medical team provides comprehensive medication management services to prevent misuse or conflicts with certain medication. Your doctor carefully reviews all the medicines you’re taking and can make recommendations for needed changes to your therapy.

What can I expect during a geriatric consultation?

During your initial visit to Marion Physician Associates, your provider reviews your personal and family medical history and discusses any new symptoms or questions you have about your health.

If you’re already receiving treatment for a health issue, your provider can review the medications or other therapies you’re using.

As part of a routine physical exam, your Marion Physician Associates doctor evaluates your general health, noting important information about your:

Heart rate
Skin condition
Blood pressure

To get a clear understanding of your health, your doctor may request additional diagnostic blood testing through the on-site lab.

The team also performs safety assessments for falls and disability to ensure you’re safe and able to function well at home.

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