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When you have concerns about the health of your heart, the medical team at Marion Physician Associates, P.A. offers on-site cardiology services at their two locations in Ocala, Florida. Whether you experience changes in your heart’s rhythm or have unexplained pain in your chest, the cardiology team quickly diagnoses the root cause of your symptoms, so treatment can begin as soon as possible. When seconds count, rely on the expertise of the Marion Physician Associates team. You can book a cardiology appointment online now or by calling the office nearest you.

Cardiology Q & A

What diagnostic cardiology services are available?

The Marion Physician Associates team provides comprehensive cardiology services on-site to better understand the cause of your heart-related symptoms quickly and accurately.

The team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to thoroughly evaluate your heart, so necessary treatment can begin as soon as possible. Available diagnostic testing includes:

Carotid ultrasound

A carotid ultrasound is an imaging test that records images inside the carotid artery using sound wave technology to identify areas of plaque buildup, a risk factor for stroke.

Venous scan

A venous scan identifies vein blockages that can increase your risk for a heart attack or stroke.

When should I seek cardiology care?

If you experience new symptoms, like chest pain, difficulty breathing, or other potentially heart-related issues, don’t delay scheduling an appointment with the cardiology team at Marion Physician Associates.

You should also schedule a consultation for preventive cardiology care if you have an existing health condition, like diabetes or high blood pressure, that puts your heart health at risk. You may also need routine cardiac monitoring if you smoke or have a family history of heart disease.

As primary care providers, the Marion Physician Associates physicians can recommend certain heart evaluations based on your medical and family history and other health factors.

Stress test

A stress test records heart activity during a walk on a treadmill to identify the cause of chest pain or coronary artery disease and evaluate optimal exercise levels for health and safety. Stress testing can also predict risk factors for heart attack and stroke.


An echocardiogram is a diagnostic test that records the heart’s electrical activity and tracks changes in heart rhythm to confirm a heart attack or risk factors for a heart attack.

What cardiology treatments are offered?

The Marion Physician Associates medical team offers several on-site procedures to treat certain heart conditions, such as external counterpulsation (ECP) treatments. ECP treatments reduce chest pain by stimulating the body to create new blood vessels to compensate for blocked arteries.

You can also receive comprehensive pacemaker checks to ensure your device is working properly and to make adjustments or replace batteries as needed.

If you have an existing heart condition, the Marion Physician Associates physicians work closely with you to create a treatment plan to protect your heart health. They ensure you understand your diagnosis and your options for treatment. The medical team prioritizes your needs and values your active participation in your cardiology care.

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To learn more about available cardiology services, call the Marion Physician Associates, P.A. office nearest you today or request a consultation online now.

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